Kaaju is a women and family-run startup that makes earthy tidbits for fast-paced lifestyles, inspired by rich culinary cultures from South East Asia, West Asia, Africa and South America. Our products are 100% natural, gluten free, paleo-friendly, small batch, vegan, and never processed. 

Human Dignity and Community Building / Fair Direct trade

Mother Nature is our Compass / Sustainability and low carbon emission

Organic Natural Unprocessed food / Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Healthy delicacies for fast-paced lifestyles
Inspired by rich international culinary experiences
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Our Inspiration

Growing up my parents loved hosting dinner parties that were typical of lavish Mediterranean hospitality. Endless feasts were crafted in our kitchen, rich menus of the most refined dishes ranging from Asian, Middle Eastern, African and European cuisines that my mother prepared from scratch. Leading up to dinner, was my father’s part, the drinks and cocktails which were always accompanied by a selection of healthy and delicious snacks, one of them being my favourite. Nuts. By the time the guests arrived, my sister and I would have depleted the bowls of our favourite nut - cashews! Roasted and salted in Lebanon, these were of the highest quality. Though Lebanon does not produce/farm nuts, we somehow mastered the art of roasting them. They accompany every lemonade on the beach side, drink at a bar, snack between meals as well as late night munching. And so, my sister and I developed an exigent palette for natural, healthy and homemade delicacies. 

By the time the guests arrived, my sister and I would have depleted the bowls of our favourite nut - caSHEWS!

Upon my arrival to NY, I failed to find comparatively good nuts, thus proceeded to make my own, a mixture that I had discovered on a trip to Sri Lanka which consists of cashews and fresh curry leaves. I perfected the recipe and adopted it as a staple in my menus at every brunch, gathering, bbq and dinner party I hosted. It was met with tremendous success and so the idea was born to launch Kaaju, an environmentally and socially conscious social enterprise that makes Earthy Tidbits (TM).  - Alia, Co-Founder.


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Woodstock General Supply
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Woodstock General Supply
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12 Rue Naher, Armenia Street
Mar Mikhael, Beirut

Geara bldg, Armenia Street
Mar Mikhael, Beirut

Al Mandaloun Cafe
Charles Malek Avenue
Achrafieh, Beirut

A New Earth Organic Store
65 Zahret el Ihsan Street
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Itani Bldg, Demachkieh Street
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Cacao & Co
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18th Street, Near Jesus And Mary School
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